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Trail Network Closure

We announce the trail network closure for the 2018-2019 season. Hope you had a great season, look forward to next year and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next season!

You have a problem when you ride?

When our trails are open, please contact us as soon as possible if your safety is accidentally compromised or for any other occurrences that can jeopardize the safety of other snowmobilers. This way we can assist you and then correct the situation. You can use the contact tab of this site to contact us or you can reach our president or one of the two vice-presidents by phone.

President : Daniel Beaudette
Cell : (819) 572-5434

Vice-president West sector : Mario Bouchard
Cell : (819) 572-0016

Vice-president East sector : Luc Laroche
Cell : (819) 578-0320

For our English speaking members or media, if you need a spokesperson for the club please call Denis Levasseur at (514) 235-4133. You can also reach us if you use the contact tab of this site or by clicking here. We are trying to answer all your requests as fast as possible and ask for your patience as we do so.

If you purchase your trail permit online please select our club which is : Club de Motoneige Harfang de L’Estrie 537-10

Please note that from now on, it will no longer be possible to purchase your annual trail permit (pre-sale, annual and annual antique) online via our website. Indeed, the Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) decided to be the sole seller of online annual trail permits. You will therefore have to go to the FCMQ website and select the club 537-10 Harfang de L’Estrie snowmobile club.

However, you can also get your annual trail permit from us at the usual places where we sell them. Please click on the button below to get the info regarding our trail permit sellers.

Where to buy your Trail Permit

Parking for your vehicle and trailer

Now you can park your vehicle and your trailer at no charge in the yard at 1555 chemin Bel Horizon, Sherbrooke. A special thanks to A. Préfontaine & Associés for granting us this privilege. You can park your vehicle and trailer behind the car wash at the Shell gas station in St-Élie (club sponsor) Highway 10 and Route 220 intersection. Finally, you can also park your vehicle and trailer at the Esso gas station 195 North Main Street (rue Principale) in Windsor (club sponsor).

Please be respectful!

Click here to see our parking on a map

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