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About Us

A few words from our president Daniel Beaudette

Hello my name is Daniel Beaudette, president of Harfang de l’Estrie Snowmobile Club. I want to welcome you to our website. As you can see, our site is updated regularly to better serve you and inform you about your club. In addition, your photos and videos are welcome. More than ever, our site is the meeting point of all snowmobilers anxious to know what is happening in our great region.

Daniel Beaudette Président du Club Harfang de l'Estrie

We are also present on Facebook. We invite you to go and like our page. We like to hear from you and the Facebook page is there for that purpose. We are more than ever in the information age, and your club wants to listen to all of its members. We work hard to give you the trails that cover our region. It costs more and more to keep our network of trails open. To meet the different requirements related to the opening of these, the support of all our members who buy their trail permits is essential to our survival.

Our club covers a vast territory and beautiful trails abound. But to keep them, we need your support.

Some of our volunteers work all year round for the club. On your behalf, I wish to thank them for all the work they do for us. I also invite you to join them on occasion. It is always with joy that we welcome new members to our team of volunteers. The atmosphere during the trail work is still companionship, and what better place to meet future riding partners when the snow comes.

I would like to invite all snowmobilers to visit us this winter. The greater Sherbrooke area is the cradle of the Snowmobile and we are very proud of it. We also organize many activities and all snowmobilers are welcome. For more information, visit our website and our Facebook page.

Have a good season and a safe ride on our trails!

Who we are?

Welcome! Sherbrooke is the 5th largest city in Quebec and 19th in Canada. It is located about 160 kilometers from Montreal, 230 kilometers from Quebec city and 40 kilometers from Valcourt. Geographically, the snowmobile club Harfang de l’Estrie has nearly 200 Km of trails spread over the greater Sherbrooke area. Our trails provide, among others, access to :

Welcome february 7 and 8 to our hot dog day

  • 1) The trails of the club des Pionniers de Valcourt by the régional trail #521 in St-Denis de Brompton
  • 2) The trails of the clubs du Centre-du-Québec by a local trail to the North
  • 3) The trails of the club Esquimaux d’Asbestos by the régional trail #525 to the North
  • 4) The trails of the club Aigle Noir d’East Angus by the régional trail #525 to the East
  • 5) The trails of the club Blancs Sommets by the Trans-Québec trail #55 to the South-East
  • 6) The trails of the club motoneigistes Memphrémagog by the local trail in Katevale and by the Trans Québec trail #55 to the South

Valcourt which is the birthplace of the snowmobile is located close to Sherbrooke. That’s why the people of our region have been privileged to witness the development and the rise of the Bombardier Company (BRP today). BRP even has facilities in Sherbrooke. Among these is the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a center for research and innovation in advanced technologies in the power sports industry. The center is using one of our old trails to conduct tests on future vehicles that are developed there.

If one day you come to visit us during our club meetings at the garage which is located in the Bromptonville borough, you will see that there are always lots of people around the table. The main strength of our club is our many volunteers. With a vast territory, without all those enthusiasts who help us, it would be impossible to have such a beautiful trail network. Of course, we are very proud of our trails, but we are even more proud to be snowmobilers and a club which listens to its members.

Be part of a winning team and become one of our members. For us the pleasure of snowmobiling is first and foremost.

Have a great season, the board of directors

the Board of director Harfang de l'Estrie The board of directors of the snowmobile club Harfang de l’Estrie

The story of our club

We are currently gathering information to be able to tell you the history of our club. If you read this page and you own some documents or information that we have not yet put on the site regarding one of the clubs who are now part of the snowmobile club Harfang de L’Estrie please let us know by clicking here

In this article from the newspaper La Tribune the Sherbrooke snowmobile club one of the legacy clubs who are now part of Harfang de l’Estrie snowmobile club was rewarded for the quality of its trails (Thank you Jean-Paul Beakey for the picture) In this article from the newspaper La Tribune from the 80s, the Sherbrooke snowmobile club one of the legacy clubs who are now part of Harfang de l’Estrie snowmobile club was rewarded for the quality of its trails (Thank you to Jean-Paul Beakey for the picture)

Quebec government award for the Eastern Townships the 2015 Volunteer Recognition for Off-Road Vehicles award to Daniel Beaudette our president

Québec, October 7, 2015 – The Deputy for Richmond and Deputy Government Whip, Karine Vallières, joins the Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Minister responsible for the Eastern townships region, Mr. Pierre Paradis and the Minister of Transport, Mr. Robert Poëti, to congratulate Mr. Daniel Beaudette of the Club Harfangs de L’Estrie, winner of the Recognition Award for Volunteers in off-road Vehicles (VHR) – snowmobile category

The awards ceremony took place tonight, October 7, at the National Assembly of Quebec. Two volunteers in each region, one for snowmobiling and one for quad biking, were honored on this evening to celebrate their community involvement in snowmobiling or quad biking.

“Québec boasts extensive networks of safe trails, marked and monitored by members of the Clubs of Quebec Snowmobile Clubs and the Quad Clubs of Quebec. Today, I am pleased to acknowledge the commitment and drive of these volunteers in addition to their involvement in helping to ensure the sustainability of the off-road vehicle industry, “said Mr. Poëti.

“The Richmond circumscription is criss-crossed by thousands of kilometers of snowmobile trails. The contribution of dedicated volunteers like Mr. Daniel Beaudette makes it possible to offer the best possible conditions for the practice of this leisure activity. In addition, his passion for promoting snowmobiling contributes to the regional economy by attracting thousands of visitors to our region who stop there to sleep, eat and visit our attractions “Added the deputy Karine Vallières.

In 2014, there were almost 600,000 off-road vehicles registered in Quebec. The Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs maintains a network of 33,000 km of trails. The Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads, for its part, maintains a network of more than 26,000 km of trails.

For more information on the Volunteer Recognition Award for off-road vehicles, please visit the Transport Quebec Web site at Or to join Ms Karine Vallières, Member of Parliament for Richmond

Translated and edited from original text of:

Anne-Catherine Couture, attachée de presse
Cabinet du ministre des Transports
Tél. : 418 643-6980

Jacynthe Bourget, attachée politique
Députée de Richmond

Daniel Beaudette MTQ