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PRESIDENT’S 2020 Trail Ride

This year’s President’s Trail Ride will be held Saturday February 1st, 2020 at La Cache du Domaine Hotel in Thetford Mines.

755, 9e Rue Sud, Thetford Mines Qc, G6G 0G1

Supper : Whether travelling alone or with a group you form with your riding buddies, be sure to join us all for supper at 6:00pm. Choose from one of 5 Table d’hôte meals at a group rate of $32. Breakfast brunch is available the next morning at $19.95.

Please note that each attendee is responsible for making his/her own reservation and be sure to mention you are with the group from Club de Motoneige Harfang de L’Estrie. To take advantage of this group rate (cut-off date for reservations has been set at January 7th, 2020), be sure to provide the code : CMH0102, as only a limited number of rooms have been reserved for the group at this rate. After this date, reservations and rates will be based on room availabilities. A cancellation made at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival of February 1, 2020 is free.

Look forward to seeing you there!


The Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt has always endeavoured to excel, whether it be through programming its races or booking its shows or through the image it has projected over the years. The team responsible for the world’s biggest winter racing event is proud to unveil its brand new logo.
Our 350 athletes don’t just go to the races, they go to the Grand Prix Ski-Doo in Valcourt! The GPSV has a long-standing reputation. However, throughout its 38 editions, the GPSV has only changed its logo five times. It was high time for a rejuvenation! A new slogan has also been launched with the new image: NOUS SOMMES L’HIVER, WE ARE WINTER. The team chose this new slogan because it conveys the desire to excel in a northern climate, something that truly represents our profound Quebec roots.
Stay tuned, the 2019-2020 collection will be here soon!

– Special Rate Promotion

Winter is fast approaching, and nothing says winter better than the Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt. The online ticket office will open on Friday, November 1st, 2019. Watch the races from the heated Lodge H by purchasing the special 3-day package at $125. This price is only valid until December 20, 2019. The lodges sell out quickly, so don’t wait! You can also reserve by telephone at 1-866-532-7543

– A new category for the snowmobile on ice oval – Formula III

Pro Champ, a premier class from the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby in the U.S., will be crowned at the top of the elite classes in this discipline for one final season. Starting in 2021, the Formula III category will take over as the elite class in the Eagle River World Championship. Using 600-class snocross-based race machines, this new category is intended to reduce acquisition and maintenance costs for teams. This is great news for teams looking to move over into this category. The sport will now be open to everyone!

– Some teams are already at work

Even though the switch is still quite a few months away, several racing teams are already working to modify their sleds for ice racing. The first laps around the track will take place during the first round of the American USSA ProStar championship this coming December. This class will also be run during the 38th Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt from February 7 – 9 on the Yvon-Duhamel track.

– What fans and athletes are saying

As with any major change in regulations, reactions from fans and racers vary. Some are pleased with the effort to make the sport more accessible to a wider range of racers and racing teams by eliminating those costs associated with using specialized metals and other high-tech traction systems. Others consider the change to be a dumbing-down of the ice oval sport.
In any case, the Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt promises to deliver a breathtaking show for adrenaline junkies! With seven disciplines being presented, once again, throughout the day and into the evening, race lovers will come away satisfied! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

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