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Trail Permit info

Serving snowmobilers is the priority of our club. Please support us by taking your trail permit with us.

Trail permit rates

Most of the sums invested in the purchase of a trail permit are returned directly to the club to fund the trail grooming operations. If you buy where you ride, your money improves the trails you ride most often.

“Operation of a snowmobile on a Federation trail is strictly forbidden unless the operator has a prescribed trail permit.” (FCMQ By-Laws, article 11)

Permit prices for 2019-2020 season

The price of a trail permit includes the cost of liability insurance, defined as mandatory under article 19 of the Act respecting off-highway vehicles, as well as all applicable taxes.

  • 330 $ for an annual trail permit purchased on or before December 9th, 2019
  • 410 $ for an annual trail permit purchased after December 9th, 2019
  • 640 $ for an annual trail permit sold on trail**
  • 250 $ for an annual trail permit for antique snowmobiles (2000 and older)
  • 220 $ for a 7-day trail permit
  • 135 $ for a 3-day trail permit
  • 65 $ for a 1-day trail permit



Some useful information to know about the annual trail permit

  • – If the holder of a trail permit has more than one snowmobile, he (she) must have a trail permit for each snowmobile that he (she) wishes to use on the trails.
  • – There is no discount for the purchase of a trail permit for a second snowmobile or more.
  • – The best time to purchase a trail permit is before December 9th each year. This is the only time throughout the year the presale discount applies ($80 less for the 2019-2020 season). Subsequently, the price does not change until the last day of the season.
  • – There are no mid-season or late season discounts.
  • – The trail permits are available from late September to the last day of the season, in early April.
  • – The trail permits are valid from the date of purchase until October 1st. If the trail permit is purchased between September and October 1st, it is valid only from October 1 (this also applies to the liability insurance included).
  • – If you are buying a snowmobile that already has a trail permit, the permit becomes void for you. The former owner may transfer it to another snowmobile he (she) has, but you need to purchase a new trail permit if you want to use the trails with this sled.
  • – All Quebec snowmobile clubs are governed by the same rules and the FCMQ web site is the only place where you can buy your trail permit.

Trail permits for a day, three days or a week

    If you purchase a trail permit for a period of one day, three days or a week, some special rules apply. These rules are the same everywhere in Quebec and are applied by the clubs of the FCMQ.

  • – Like the annual trail permit, these trail permits are valid throughout Quebec. During their period of validity, you can ride on all trails maintained by the network of clubs of the FCMQ.
  • – To purchase one of these three types of trail permits, you must provide the date of commencement of validity of the permit you want to buy.
  • – Your trail permit is valid from 00:00 hours on the date you gave and does not include any warranty regarding trail conditions and weather. It is therefore not refundable.
  • – Your trail permit will end at 23:59 pm the same day, two days or six days later, depending on the length of the chosen trail permit. For example :
  • If you purchase a trail permit from the FCMQ website for the day at 10:00 am on Saturday morning you can ride on our trails until 11:59 pm Saturday evening. The daily trail permit is not valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase ,it’s valid for the calendar day(s) it’s bought for, contrary to popular belief.

  • – Please note that in most regions Quebec, snowmobile traffic is prohibited by law from 00:00 am to 6:00 am (Closed between 22h and 6h for trails on the railroad bed right of ways which were converted to bicycle paths or trails). In the Eastern Townships area, this law applies; you can’t start your ride before 6:00 am.
  • – Your trail permit automatically includes insurance that covers the section of civil liability for an amount of one million dollars for the duration of its validity.
  • – To be valid, your trail permit must be glued to your cab on the left side of your snowmobile, and you must have in your possession while you ride on the trails the two pieces of paper that have been sent to you which includes information about you and your snowmobile.
  • Example: You want to purchase a trail permit that will be valid from Monday, February 9, and your ride will take place primarily in the Eastern Townships. Your day trail permit will give you access to the trails Monday February 9 only from 6:00 am until 23:59 pm. Your three-day trail permit will give you access Monday 9, Tuesday 10 and will end Wednesday the 11th at 23:59 pm. Finally, your trail permit for a week will give you access to the trail from Monday, February 9 at 6:00 am and will end one week later, on Sunday, February 15 at 23:59 pm.

Distribution of the trail permit fees:

  • – On a 2019-2020 annual trail permit sold before December 9th at $330, your money is distributed in the following manner :
  • $42.60 $1 million liability insurance coverage for snowmobiler;
  • $21.40 $2 million liability insurance coverage for club;
  • $34.65 Federal and Provincial taxes;
  • $170.35 remitted to club;
  • $61 remitted to FCMQ.
  • – The portion remitted to the FCMQ, that is $61.00 per annual trail permit sold (18.8%), is redistributed as follows:
  • $4 is transferred to Motoneige Québec magazine to help cover postage fees;
  • $2 goes into a fund dedicated to promotion and communication;
  • $10.00 goes into a fund dedicated to trails;
  • $4.00 goes into a fund dedicated to clubs having a longer than average grooming season;
  • $1.00 goes into a fund dedicated to volunteer recognition;
  • $14.00 goes into a fund dedicated to trail groomer acquisitions;
  • $5.00 goes into a fund dedicated to clubs services (agents de liaison)
  • $21 is used to fund the Federation’s ongoing operations

**Purchase your trail permit before hitting the trails!

Extra charges are payable when the annual trail permit is purchased on trails. Note that permits issued for antique sleds, as well as daily or weekly permits, cannot be purchased on trails.

The worst possible example: You are riding on the trails in early April and your snowmobile has no trail permit. Obviously, you think that nobody would be there to check if you have a trail permit or not, because the trail conditions are at the limit of what is acceptable, and the club even said on its website that its trails will be closed soon. In the last 30 seconds of the season while going home you meet a trail warden and they ask you to stop your sled. Right away they note the absence of a trail permit on your sled. You are required to purchase an annual trail permit for $ 640 instead of $ 410 on the spot.

Switching your trail permit to a new sled

If you buy a new sled you can switch the trail permit of your old sled to the new one at a cost of thirty dollars ($30). Before, you must retrieve the yellow trail permit, the pink proof of insurance and the sticker from your old snowmobile.

If you have purchased a trail permit for an antique snowmobile and during the season you want to transfer this trail permit to a newer sled that is not within the antique category, you can purchase a replacement trail permit at the cost of $190. Before hand, you must retrieve the yellow trail permit, the pink proof of insurance and the sticker from your old snowmobile.

If, however, you wish to switch from a regular snowmobile to an antique sled during the season, you will need to obtain a replacement trail permit at a cost of thirty dollars ($30).

It is important to note that the trail permit can’t be transferred to another owner. It can only be transferred from one snowmobile to another having the same ownership (sale followed by a purchase for example).