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IMPORTANT: Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) no longer authorizes off-road vehicles (ORV’s) to either circulate near or cross the railway tracks in Rock Forest near Chemin Saint-Roch S. road (Trans-Quebec trail 55). Certain ORV operators have been riding in front of the the Automatic Railroad Crossing panel and/or encroaching on the railway tracks while travelling in the direction of Depanneur Gama. By doing so, railway sensors have been actuated which have occasionally caused the Approach Lighting and Railway crossing barriers to engage which could cause an accident. Therefore, as a measure of security, since CP no longer authorizes circulation in this area, most of our trail markers and signs have been removed and our snowmobile trail is closed in this sector. Where guidelines are not being followed, the police will issue fines as have been established.


IMPORTANT : We have received several complaints concerning individuals who are unloading and parking on company property owned by A. Préfontaine et Associés. Take note that snowmobilers parking at this location on Bel-Horizon street are required to unload and park as far away as possible from the garage so as to not interfere with the daily activities of the company. We ask that you respect these premises which have been graciously made available to you as a departure point for your ride. At the very least, show courtesy by not blocking the access road to their garage for their heavy equipment and by respecting the cordoned off parking area provided for us. Continued usage of this parking area AS WELL AS SNOWMOBILE TRAIL RIGHT OF WAY is at risk for non-compliance so kindly do your part to ensure the property owner’s requirements are respected.


IMPORTANT : Take note that the Club’s warm-up shelters are open. ATTENTION: to conserve the right of opening these shelters, it is critical that you respect the number of persons inside the shelter as posted on the door and wear a mandatory mask, helmet or hood inside the shelter. If these measures are not respected to the letter, the Club will be required to close the shelters. The police force will continue their intensive presence on the trails and will pay special attention to the measures in effect in our shelters. Where guidelines are not being followed, the police will issue fines as have been established.


Almost all trails are open. Please note that trail conditions can change at any moment with the varying temperatures. Trails will deteriorate more quickly so it is important to adapt your riding style accordingly.


Please note that the Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (FCMQ) is the sole provider of trail permits. Trail permits are no longer available via our traditional points of sale. To purchase your trail pass, access the on-line Trail Permit section on the FCMQ website and please select our Club de Motoneige Harfang de L’Estrie 537-10 snowmobile club to register your snowmobile(s).

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The following parking areas are provided at no charge for your vehicle and trailer courtesy of : 1) A. Préfontaine et Associés, 1555 chemin Bel Horizon, Sherbrooke Qc. A special thanks to A. Préfontaine & Associés for granting us this privilege. NOTE : DO NOT BLOCK THE ENTRANCE AND LIMIT PARKING. Préfontaine employees need 24/7 access to their garage and parking area. Parking privilege in peril if parking zones are not respected. 2) Shell Gas Station (NOTE : park behind the car wash) (club sponsor) intersection A-10 and Rte 220, Saint-Élie d’Orford Qc. 3) Esso Gas Station (club sponsor) 195 North Main Street (rue Principale) in Windsor Qc.

Please be respectful and a special thanks to A. Préfontaine et Associés, Shell and Esso for the parking privilege!

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For our English speaking members or media, if you need a spokesperson for the club please call Denis Levasseur at (514) 235-4133. You can also reach us if you use the contact tab of this site or by clicking here. We are trying to answer all your requests as fast as possible and ask for your patience as we do so.

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